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Nissan Promises Self-driving Cars by 2020

The car giant Nissan has put out a statement saying that it is going to be releasing a car that will drive itself by the year 2020 which puts other car manufacturers in a spin to get their plans sorted in-case they need to compete, including industry newcomers such as Google that will be entering in the motor industry.

This inspired new commitment has put the Japanese car makers in front of the giant race to bring new pieces of technology to the roads, however they still need think about the regulations and legal implications. Things like will they have changed them by 2020 or will they have separate ones for self-driving cars…who knows until the time is closer.

Some of the mainstream and well known car makers and suppliers like Mercedes Benz and Continental have been in the process of developing automated technology for years but it wasn’t until 2010 that the motor industry was truly shocked by Google, yes you heard right the internet master brought it out of the bag when they unveiled an astonishing piece of technology that later enabled a nearly-blind man to drive around in the test vehicle.

This is made possible by technology that is driver assistance things such as adaptive cruise control, predictive emergency braking and parking assistance have slowly worked their way into cars that are on the road or will be plus several industry big wigs have suggested that it will be in highly automated vehicles will become viable.

However Nissan is the first official promise to actually commit a car maker to a time frame period to produce a fully working automated car and the first to target a mass market and a significant volume of models.

Aside from reducing the cost of the new technology to be able to make it sellable in the Nissan’s, small hatchbacks, the government and insurance companies must first agree to change or make new the policies that can regulate these vehicles that are soon to be made amid doubts. An example of this is who is actually responsible if a self-driving car is involved in an accident, which will be one of the critical talking points before one is actually released.

Some states in the US including Nevada and California have already allowed self-driving cars on their roads, while the UK government said it supported some testing this year.

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