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One Car isn’t Enough

Households in Britain appear to be growing in size when it comes to the amount of cars there are per family. It doesn’t matter if they are scrap cars or fast cars, it is now the norm for families to have two or more cars each. Those with one car have quickly become the minority as they see a staggering two million families owning four cars between them.

The increase in numbers has seen a rise in paved front gardens to accommodate all of the cars belonging to one home. There simply isn’t enough room on the streets and some are becoming very overcrowded indeed.

It has also emerged that cars owned by certain genders is beginning to narrow.  An assumption has often been made that women drive smaller economical cars and men drive big and powerful cars.  This however is not accurate as statistics show that women tend to drive 1.6 litre cars and men drive 1.7 litre cars.

It would appear that the reasons for the number of household cars increasing is down to teenagers living at home for longer. Today teenagers stay at home much longer than they used to as housing is expensive and jobs are hard to find. With this is mind the number of cars at people’s homes could continue to increase over the years.

The number of cars sold in 2013 has increased drastically compared to those that were sold in 2012.  It is thought that there will be a 10% increase in total with Britain selling 2.25 million cars.  Unfortunately it still hasn’t managed to peak the 2.4 million sold in 2007.

There has been a trend in the sorts of cars that have been sold this year, some being more popular than others. The car to have been sold the most this year is the Ford Fiesta followed closely by the Vauxhall Corsa.  In line after these two cars is the Ford Focus and VW Golf.

The UK is now the second largest car market in Europe after it overtook France. It is not very far behind Germany and could even prove to be the largest if things keep heading the way they are.

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Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 by Katy Quinn About Us

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