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Scrap or sell? How to find out how much my car is worth

There comes a time in every car’s life when you have to think about saying goodbye. The big question is: ‘Should I scrap or should I sell my car?’

Whether it’s failing to start, failing its MOT, gradually costing you more and more to repair or simply getting old, there are a number of reasons why you might wonder what to do with your used car.

Fortunately for you though, there are two easy checks to work out whether you should scrap or sell your car.

If you’re considering selling, and your car has three months MOT and tax, checking to see how much your car is worth with an online car buyer is often a good gauge of its value to used car dealers.

Checking for similar makes and models of vehicles on Autotrader or Gumtree for a guide price will also tell you whether you will get more cash selling privately, to a dealer or scrapping.

If the car is not worth anything on these sites, all is not lost. There is still good scrap value to be found in all cars.

What is scrapping?

The government announced the scrappage scheme in 2009-10 to help combat the number of ageing vehicles on our roads. Whether they’ve been well-maintained or not, older cars typically have higher emissions and are less fuel efficient.

In the past, you would have had to pay to get the car taken off your hands or hunt for a local scrapyard – a crushing experience, both physically and emotionally, as you watch your old pride and joy meet its metal maker.

On top of the heartache of watching your little motor crushed, you would then typically face a long walk or lift home. Fear not though. Thankfully, things have changed to the scrapping process in recent years.

But, when should I scrap my car?

If your car has failed its MOT or it has now become too expensive to repair (ie. the cost to repair exceeds the value of the vehicle), the car should almost definitely be scrapped.

If there is no MOT left on your vehicle, no-one will want to buy it to drive as it isn’t road legal. Even if you have up to three months left on your MOT, knowing it is likely to fail its next check, you will struggle to sell the car for good money, if at all. Only a skilled mechanic might take a bite.

If you know your vehicle is on its last legs, using a reputable online scrap valuation service could get you up to £150. At MJM Cars, you can enter your registration number for a free scrap quote in seconds.

What alternatives are there?

An alternative might be to donate your car to charity. These organisations will usually pick up your car for free, then either sell it at auction or scrap it, although with all the time and hassle taken out of it and all the proceeds going to a UK charity of your choice.

You might like to find out more about what options you have to scrap your car on the Telegraph website.


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Wesley Young is a blogger for Trusted Car Buyers, a national online car buying service.

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