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What to Do when Scrapping a Car

When I scrap my car I often wonder what I could do better, what I should avoid and what I should look for. Over the years I have found that different experiences have altered the way I go about things but as a whole I have discovered that there are some points that go without saying every time.  Below you can see what these are.

One of the best ways of getting rid of your car is to use Autotrader, a well-established site that allows sellers to advertise their cars to those looking for them. By simply putting in your car registration the website will locate your vehicle and give you an immediate suggestion price to sell your car.  Depending on whether or not you think this price is appropriate you can alter it based on the condition of the car and whether or not you think it will sell for that price.

Gumtree is another site that many people choose to sell their car on. Unlike Autotrader the advertising is free and it is a site that millions of people use on a daily basis. Gumtree finds itself home to many used cars so selling may take time however if you’re lucky it may sell very quickly.

Although all of the above options are good, I personally find that the best options available are the companies that take your car off you no matter its condition for a reasonable price. There are hundreds of these companies available, simply do a search on Google and take your pick. Be sure to look into different quotes to make sure you get the best deal and try to find a company that is nearby. Companies such as these tend to remove your car from you within a couple of days, taking it off your hands and leaving you with the money to buy yourself a new car.

When using a scrapping company it is important to make sure that you do your research so that you know the company is legit.  Any company you sell your car to must have a licence issued to them by the environment Agency or Scottish Environment Protection Agency ensuring that the scrapped vehicle will cause no harm to the environment. Any company that is unable to provide you with this is a cause for concern and should not be trusted.

Although it is easy to look for a scrap company you should always make sure that it follows legal procedures that are put in place. Doing so will make the sale of your car safe, easy and lawful allowing you to get on with things quickly and easily.

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Thursday, July 17th, 2014 by Katy Quinn About Us

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