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A British company has created a prototype that is able to stop cars when electromagnetic waves come into contact with it. The prototype known as an RF Safe-Stop is able to use its radio frequency to puzzle the electronic system in the vehicle. This then causes the engine to cut bringing it to a stop. (more…)

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Keeping the Cost of Repairs Down

As a car owner you will have realised that nothing is cheap anymore especially when it comes to lengthy repairs. (more…)

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Nissan Promises Self-driving Cars by 2020

The car giant Nissan has put out a statement saying that it is going to be releasing a car that will drive itself by the year 2020 which puts other car manufacturers in a spin to get their plans sorted in-case they need to compete, including industry newcomers such as Google that will be entering in the motor industry. This inspired new commitment has put the Japanese car makers in front of the giant race to bring new pieces of technology to the roads, however they still need think about the regulations and legal implications. Things like will they have…

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