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The Most Popular Cars in the UK

In which direction does the UK lean when it comes to purchasing a car? What is popular, what is favoured? There are a few things to look at when it comes to cars; the manufacturer, the model and the colour. These are factors we all look at and consider, often at length, when purchasing a car and with the sale of vehicles rising dramatically over the last year it is no surprise that the data has indicated a number of top favourites.


The vehicle manufacturer can be an important factor in the purchase of a vehicle, there are some we love and some we hate and often when speaking to someone who perhaps isn’t as familiar with vehicles as you are the manufacturer can be the soul providing source of their impression of your vehicle.

Ford – with more than 188,000 sales in 2013 Ford is the best-selling manufacturer in the UK. Ford is an American company founded by Henry Ford in 1903, they currently control 14.25% of the market share.

Vauxhall – with more than 150,000 sales in 2013 Vauxhall is the second best-selling manufacturer in the UK. This is a German company, also founded in 1903. Vauxhall currently control 11.37% of the market share.

Volkswagen – often referred to as VW, Volkswagen comes in third place for most popular manufacturer in the UK with more than 115,000 sales in 2013. This is another German company but was not founded until 1937. The company was set up to make cars for the people, and Hitler selected a number of German Mechanical Engineers to help construct it, which is why the name Volkswagen (meaning ‘people’s car’) was selected.

Audi – Fourth place goes to Audi, with more than 84,000 sales in 2013 and 6.38% of the market share, making it a pretty popular option among the British customers.  This is another German car manufacturer founded in mid-1909.

Nissan – Nissan come in at fifth place with over 70,000 UK sales and 5.34% of the market share. Nissan are a Japanese manufacturer founded towards the end of 1933.

Saab is currently the least popular in terms of UK sales, with 3 as of August 2013 and 0% of the market share.


Each manufacturer produce a wide range of different models of car, some big, some small, some for families and some for those in a mid-life crisis who want to feel like a boy racer again. Here are some of the best-selling car models leading up to August 2013.

Ford Fiesta – It isn’t surprising to see a Ford in first place for car sales. In the UK during 2013 more than 72,000 of this particular car were sold.

Ford Focus – a little pricier than, and perhaps not as attractive as, the Fiesta is the Focus, in second place with more than 54,000 sales in the UK during 2013.

Vauxhall Corsa – when it comes to a popular car under £10,000 the Corsa isn’t a bad way to go if the Fiesta just didn’t do it for you. This nice little car comes in at third with more than 51,000 sales in the UK during 2013.

Vauxhall Astra – another Vauxhall and this one a little more costly, but still cheaper than the Focus. With more than 39,000 sales in the UK during 2013 this is the fourth ranking model.

Volkswagen Golf – It isn’t so surprising to see the Volkswagen Golf on this list, in fact this is the only car on this list that ranks in the top sales around the world and not just in the UK. In the UK sales exceeded 37,000 during just the first nine months of 2013. Throughout the world it has had more than 25 million sales.


The colour of your car is very important, given that it is the single way of identifying you vehicle that anyone is capable of, it also gives a certain impression of your preferences and your personality.

Silver – According to a survey by the AA the drivers of the UK favour silver cars, with 29% of cars sold in the UK during 2013 being silver. Silver is most popular in Northern Ireland, where 33% of the cars sold were silver.

Blue – Blue is tied for second place at 23%. There are however no statistics that indicate blue to be appreciated more in any one region of the UK than another and in the past two years there has been very little change to the percentage of blue cars being purchased.

Black – also at 23% but rising by 9% over the past two years black is a colour that is growing in popularity. Black cars are found to be a particular favourite of those in the North East, where 20% of all cars sold are black.

Red – Red has dropped in popularity slightly over the last few years and currently sits at 9%. Red cars are more popular in Yorkshire and Humberside, where 5% of cars sold in 2013 were red.

Green – surprisingly green is number five in the UK with 6% of cars purchased being some shade of green. This is down slightly from the past few years but it hasn’t dropped by much. There are no indications that green cars are more popular in any particular region of the UK.

White – despite being the most popular colour in the US and many other countries white cars only rank as #6 in the UK with just 4% of cars purchased being white. These tend to be favoured by those with high social status.

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